Today, the Agu plant is the only wave farm in the world. However, there are plans to build a farm with four Pelamis devices off the coast of Scotland and plans for a «wave hub» in Scotland. The wave hub will be like a giant extension cord with four «outlets» for wave generator arrays.

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The rankings are based on a few simple factors including logo, team colors and hidden images with special meanings (who doesn’t love an Easter egg!). Other variables included are the team’s success, fanbase and history. Clean is good, but this needs just a tad bit more oomph.

You can drink, you can smoke, and you can stare across a candle lit table at your loved one. Or you can just drink and smoke. A multiple readers’ poll winner in the Bar for a Martini and Upscale Bar categories (its seventh straight year in the latter), 15C is a den of hidden delights located down a back alley with a purple light next to an indistinguishable door.

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